The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Magician

Hocus-cadabra! Abra-kazam!
I am a wizard with strange mystic powers!
Ala-ka-pocus! And presto! And wham!
I’ve studied my magic for many long hours!

With a hat and a rabbit, a hanky or two,
I can stage a performance that wows and beguiles!
Flibbertijibbet and Coo-coo-cachoo!
I’ll turn all your sadness to laughter and smiles!

Here, pick a card, any card from the pack.
Now I’ll find it again with my magical arts.
I shuffle the cards, then I draw from the stack,
The card that you picked out! The Seven of Hearts!

Er … Eight of clubs? Ten of diamonds? Ace of spades?

Hang on, I better read the instructions again.

About the Writer

Templeton Moss

Templeton grew up in and around San Diego County, California in the U.S.A. He lives and works in Louisville, Kentucky, but considers Disneyland to be his hometown. He started writing because he thought it would get girls to like him. He has written many plays, novels, short stories and poems and his hobbies include naps and cartoons. Templeton dislikes manual labour and country music.