The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Pollen has Fallen

Listen to the poem ...
The pollen has fallen!
It’s filling the sky
Its dust fills the air
It’s sneaky and sly.

It covers my clothes.
I’m under attack!
Its powerful particles
fill every crack.

I run for the hills ‘cause
It’s making me sneeze.
My eyes trickle tears
as I cough and I wheeze.

I try to escape,
but like parmesan cheese,
its fine yellow powder
now sprinkles the breeze.

There’s nowhere to hide.
ACHOO! Spring is here.
But summer is coming.
I must persevere …

Then suddenly thunderbolts
clap overhead,
and rain begins falling.
The pollen has fled.

Out comes the sun
with its brilliant, bright light
the pollen once fallen
is nowhere in sight.

There are trees sprouting leaves,
new blooms on the flowers.
and pollen-free moments
all thanks to the showers.

About the Writer

Michelle S Kennedy

Michelle is an American children’s picture book writer and poet, wife, mother, and interior decorator. She is a local liaison for SCBWI, a member of 12x12 Picture Book Challenge and Making Room for Rhyme Writer’s Group. She is a 2022, PB Party Finalist and her poetry for children has won several honorable mentions in various contests, including the 2022, ‘50 Precious Words Contest’. She lives in Georgia in the United States with her family, cat and a handful of hermit crabs and is currently querying agents for representation of her work.