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Poetry for Children

The Real Guy in the Mirror

Here's Daniel reading his poem ...
I look in a mirror and what do I see?
Reflections of light pretend to be me.
I’m real, I’m the real guy,
But the guy in the mirror looks more real than I.
If this guy in the mirror is what other folks get
I guess that’s OK, he’s the best guy I’ve met.
But I want to be a much kinder person,
And I wish this showed more in my mirror version.
I’d like to make the good stuff inside me the real reflection
And help people bloom like gardenias upon my detection.
Well, I gotta get moving, though, and get out there and go,
And meet folks from their own mirrors who left moments ago.

About the Writer

Daniel Gauss

Daniel Gauss is a graduate of Columbia University and has worked in the field of education in New York City and China for over 20 years. He has been published on numerous platforms dealing with art, mythology, the environment and how to be a good person.