The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Tallest Snowman Ever

I’ve got my boots, my gloves, my hat,
I think that I’m all set
to build the tallest snowman that
the world has ever met.

I pack and roll and push and stack,
and push, and roll some more.
I stack until this snowy man
is taller than the door.

It’s tall, but not quite tall enough.
I know that I can’t stop
until this massive snowman’s height
exceeds the chimney top.

So I roll, and push, and stack,
and soon, I’m looking down
to see my snowman’s higher than
the roof, the trees, the town!

I’ve come this far, why not go on?
Why stop the plan right here?
Let’s carry on and build this guy
into the stratosphere!

At last I’m almost touching space,
just one more inch to go!
I finally go to make the head—

About the Writer

Katrina Swenson

Katrina lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the United States of America. When she’s not working at her day-job, she loves writing poems, spending time with her family, and scouring all types of wilderness for interesting plants, animals, bugs, and rocks (because who doesn’t love a good rock?). You can often find her reading a good book or drinking a nice cup of tea, or volunteering at her children’s schools, which she finds tremendously fun.