The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Vampire in our Attic

There’s a vampire in our attic
Where my sister used to sleep
It only moves around at night
By day, there’s not a peep

Our Mum tried to wake it once
To ask for help with chores
It roared a word I can’t repeat
Then slammed the bedroom door

Every time our clock strikes twelve
It awakens to the night
The vampire’s starving hungry
Its fangs are poised to bite

It clatters around the kitchen
Turns the telly up sky high
Sends chip smells wafting up the stairs
And steak and kidney pie

It stomps and stamps around the house
Like it totally owns the place
Litters rubbish everywhere
It’s an absolute disgrace

Mum says it’s my older sister
Just going through a phase
My crazy, silly sister
Just going through her ‘vampire stage!’

About the Writer

Debra Bertulis

Debra is a widely published children's poet and story teller, with a passion for inspiring children everywhere to fall in love with poetry. Her debut collection of poetry is publishing with Otter-Barry books in March 2022. Her work in schools is a particular joy, lighting sparks all around the UK with agencies Authors Abroad and Authors Aloud. She is a member of SCBWI and lives with her family in Herefordshire.