The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Wall and the Fall

Listen to Michelle's poem ...
I am the wall that saw to the fall
of an egg called Humpty Dumpty.
He sat on my ledge, too close to the edge
and his butt was big and rumpty.

As he wiped off his frow, the sweat from his brow
poured off from his face and I retched.
It seeped through his slacks, and into my cracks.
His moisture then had me entrenched!

And so, with a rumble I shook him to tumble,
not meaning to cause his demise.
I meant him to fall and get off of my wall,
but his death was a shock and surprise!

About the Writer

Michelle S Kennedy

Michelle is an American children’s picture book writer and poet, wife, mother, and interior decorator. She is a local liaison for SCBWI, a member of 12x12 Picture Book Challenge and Making Room for Rhyme Writer’s Group. She is a 2022, PB Party Finalist and her poetry for children has won several honorable mentions in various contests, including the 2022, ‘50 Precious Words Contest’. She lives in Georgia in the United States with her family, cat and a handful of hermit crabs and is currently querying agents for representation of her work.