The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Zebra and the Horse

Listen to the poem ...
A zebra met a horse one day and said, ‘You look like me
Though there is something not quite right, I’m sure you will agree

We both have ears, we both have eyes, both have a tail and mane
We’re similar to, but different from. The same yet not the same

They wandered to the riverbank, where standing side by side
Could see themselves reflected which is when the horse replied

Dear Zebra, it is plain to see we both have lots in common
But as you see the difference is the stripes upon your bottom

In fact you have them everywhere and I have none to see
But that is what makes you be you, and what makes me be me

The fact we’re wearing different coats really doesn’t matter
As underneath we are the same. Our fur is just a wrapper

It’s what’s inside our coat that counts, the kindness in our hearts
That will bring us close together, not set us far apart

For the longest time the zebra stood without saying a word
Then with a bow of reverence said, Welcome to our herd

About the Writer

Tracey Foley

Tracey Foley lives in Yorkshire with her husband, two dogs and very ancient cat. Though she sometimes write for adults and feels fortunate to have had a few poems published in People's Friend, she particularly enjoys writing for children. As well as writing poetry, she is currently editing her middle grade novel about a pair of WW 2 evacuees. Along with writing, she enjoys genealogy and reading to her little twin granddaughters.