The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

There are People in Boats on the Ocean

There are people in boats on the ocean
Mum says that they’re called refugees
They come from some dangerous places
Which leaves them no choice but to flee.

Refugees come from different countries:
Venezuela, Myanmar, Sudan
They run from the terror that stalks them
They run from the cruelty of man.

There are people in boats on the ocean
The boats are unsafe and too small.
The people hold tight to their children
And pray that God won’t let them fall.

There’s no other way to reach safety;
They can’t take a plane or a bus.
The seas are too big; they can’t swim them,
So into the dinghies, they rush.

There are people in boats on the ocean
And some try to reach the UK.
Some people say they should go back to their homes,
But others think that they should stay.

They are doctors and teachers, and nurses;
People willing to work really hard.
There are babies and children and loved ones;
They’re tough, and they’re strong, and they’re smart.

There are people in boats on the ocean,
I hope that their dreams come to be
Because one day, that boat on the ocean
Could be full of my family and me.

About the Writer

Anna Mirfin

Anna is a new writer who recently completed an MA in Creative Writing. She is also a mother of two and a primary school teacher. Her writing career began as a way to explore mental health issues; it is now her passion and medicine.