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Poetry for Children

Three Limericks

Listen to Gillian read her Limericks ...
There was an old woman from Luss
Who kicked up a terrible fuss
Over things that don’t matter
like which pancake was flatter
And the colour of seats on the bus.

There once was a tiger called Ben
Who always rang doorbells, and when
you had answered the door
he would give a huge roar,
then he’d run off and do it again.

There was an old man from Dundee
who was suddenly stung by a bee.
A mosquito flew by,
poked the bee in the eye,
and a wasp kicked it hard on the knee.

About the Writer

Gillian Spiller

Gillian Spiller is a Scottish poet and children’s author, who has spent many years living and teaching in S-E Asia, E Asia and the Middle East. She is the author of four picture books, The Blue Sock (2019), Star Sailor (2020), On The Shelf (2021) and A Shell for Cleo (2022) by Marshall Cavendish Ltd. (Asia). Her poetry for children is available on the British Council’s Learn English Kids website, as well as here on The Dirigible Balloon.