The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Trainy Day

Mr Sunshine's gone away
But I have an idea
Let's go inside and build a track
Until the sky goes clear

We'll start it off from in my room
And wind it out the door
From there it travels down the hall
With a tunnel, bridge and more

Then on to its final stop
Where all the trains are lead
The yard for resting all their wheels
At the bottom of mum's bed

And when the whole thing is complete
The sun might just come back
But perhaps we'll play a little more
With our rainy day train track!

About the Writer

Alex Price

Alex is a Primary Teacher and father of two, living in St Helens, England. He has a degree in creative writing from LJMU and writes humorous children's poetry inspired by his job and his family. When Alex isn't writing, he can be found rock climbing or being climbed on by his children.