The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Trembling Giant

Listen to Connie reading her poem ...
Graceful grove of aspens,
Catkin flowers in Spring,
Pando, oh Pando,
Nature’s largest living thing.

Shimmery leaves of silver,
Quaking in the breeze,
Pando, oh Pando,
Splendid grove of aspen trees.

You’re a trembling giant,
Second in size to none,
Pando, oh Pando,
Shining in the Utah sun.

Glorious in autumn,
Golden colors that sing.
Pando, oh Pando,
Nature’s largest living thing.

About the Writer

Connie Bergstein Dow

After receiving her MFA degree from the University of Michigan, Connie performed and taught dance in both the US and Latin America. Her dancing career led her into writing, which included two books for teachers (Redleaf Press, 2011 and 2006), and a picture book about movement (FROM A TO Z WITH ENERGY!, Free Spirit Publishing, 2019). She has written many verses for HIGHLIGHTS magazines. Connie's poem LET'S DANCE appears in the January, 2022 issue of Cricket BABYBUG.