The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Wandering The World

Listen to Jacoby reading ...
Hello! Let's start with where I live,
I'm from Derbyshire in the UK,
We love our tea and fish and chips,
And we morris dance in May.
We're a rather superstitious bunch,
We give salutes to Mr. Magpie,
And when it's time to bid farewell,
We say cheerio, ta ta, goodbye!

Hallo! We've landed in Germany,
Here they will keep you well fed,
With many metzgereien and bäckereien,
Making the finest sausages and bread.
Germany is home to over 20,000 castles,
And over 400 zoos it does contain,
But now we hop across 600 miles,
So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen!

Ciao! We've arrived in Italy,
Wow, we're pretty far from home,
But we get to see the sights of Pompeii,
And the Colosseum in Rome.
Here the Nonnas make amazing pasta,
And shuck clams by the Tyrrhenian sea,
When we leave we'll fly over Mount Vesuvius,
Air kiss your cheek, left to right, Arrivederci!

Nǐ hǎo! It's time to visit China,
This country really isn't small,
We can explore The Forbidden City,
And wander across the Great Wall.
Let's have a treat of jiaozi dumplings,
The mooncakes will bring you zen,
We need energy to keep up with this adventure,
Off we go, see you soon, Zài Jiàn!

Annyeonghaseyo! We made it to Korea,
The streets of Seoul really do deliver,
There's surfing the waves at Jeju,
Jinju lanterns light up the Namgan River.
Korea makes the best spicy Kimchi,
Bibimbap bowls can do no wrong,
And now we head off to our last country,
We wish you peace, Annyeong!

Kon'nichiwa! Finally, we've arrived in Japan,
The Imperial Palace is a must to see,
Take a moment to admire the Itsukushima Shrine,
And have fun at the museum of Ghibli.
We can have sushi and sashimi in Tokyo,
Or try some noodles in Kashiwara,
But our travels have now come to an end,
Thanks for joining me, Sayōnara!

About the Writer

Jacoby Crane

Jacoby is an eccentric artist living in Derbyshire. They spend their time baking, making peculiar things, doodling doodles and writing oddities, currently they're focusing on poetry and working on a children's fantasy novel called Lumi. Jacoby's inspiration mostly comes from their unusual dreams and the weirdly wonderful things their kids quote, but their muse comes in the forms of Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell.