The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

What Would You Do?

Listen to David reading his poem ...
What would you do if …

You were home alone in the middle of a storm?
You were lost in a crowd that was ever so loud?
You were given a fright in the dead of the night?
You were knocked off your feet on a cold, icy street?
You were stuck in a queue with nothing to do?
You were stung by a bee on the back of your knee?
You ate so much cake that you had stomach ache?
You gave a huge sneeze that blew leaves off the trees?
You barked like a dog and you croaked like a frog?
You made such a fuss that you missed the school bus?
You had a bad dream and you woke with a scream?
You searched for a rhyme … and you ran out of time?

Well, what would you do?
Bet you haven’t a clue!

About the Writer

David Webb

David is a published children’s author with more than 30 fiction titles to his name. He visits schools throughout the country and abroad for Author Days and Writing Workshops. He has an active and interactive website at