The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

What is Poetry?

Do poems rhyme?
Well, some of the time.
Sometimes, poems bounce along,
A leaping, skipping, hopping song.
And then again, in others’ hands,
They sway and saunter, meander and retreat.
Some are short. To the point. A punchline
To make us laugh.
Sometimes, evoking donkey rides,
And tea and toast, and homecomings.
Or season’s end, decay and death and yearning.
Some tell stories, rollicking yarns
Of highway men and railway cats.
Others are impenetrable as swirling mists.
And though their meaning hides behind obscure words,
Our hearts race.

About the Writer

Gaynor Andrews

Gaynor was a primary teacher for many years, teaching in schools across the UK, as well as Thailand and France. She now lives in the Scottish Highlands, writing educational resources by day and stories and poems by night. Gaynor loves the rhythm of language and she has a particular passion for rhyme. Her poetry has appeared in the Caterpillar magazine and her debut, rhyming picture book will be published in 2023/24.