The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

When Butter Flies

“I must,” I said, “see butter fly!”
(not butterflies, but butter FLY)
My mother questioned me: “But why?”
And I replied: “Why not?”

I found the fridge in short supply,
but then, at last, it caught my eye:
a stick of butter, way up high.
“Let’s give this thing a shot!”

So on that day in late July,
I tossed the butter toward the sky.
It hovered as I waved goodbye.
But then, it just went … SPLAT!

I can’t deny things went awry,
but still, I saw that butter fly,
if only for a moment (sigh).
And that, I guess, is that.

About the Writer

Rebecca Gardyn Levington

Rebecca Gardyn Levington is a children’s book author, poet and journalist with a particular penchant for penning both playful and poignant picture books and poems – primarily in rhyme. Her debut picture book BRAINSTORM! hit bookstores in August. She has five more rhyming picture books coming in the next two years, including WHATEVER COMES TOMORROW (Barefoot Books, March 2023) and I WILL ALWAYS BE… (HarperCollins, 2024). She lives in New Jersey with her family.