The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


Bitter winds will blow
And we will have snow
Stark trees shiver in the stinging cold
Flurries of white that glitter like gold
Slate grey sky foreboding and darkening gloom
Beckons the night to the coming storm
Darkness falls at just past 4
Wrapped up in jumpers and coats as we go to the door
Bright shiny lights sing of better times
The silent night with all its joyful rhymes
Christmas will be here soon
A feast of presents, joy and song
Hold on to the sparkly beautiful magic inside
Even in this darkest snowy night outside.

Peter Devonald

About the Writer

Peter Devonald

Peter lives in Manchester UK where he contributes to Stockport/ Manchester Post, Culture Supplement and poet in residence Haus-a-rest. Winner Waltham Forest Poetry 2022, Heart Of Heatons Poetry 2023 & 2021, joint winner FofHCS Poetry Award 2023, Forward Prize nomination 2023 and two Best Of The Net nominations 2024. Widely published and anthologised. Won 50+ film awards, former senior judge/ mentor Peter Ustinov Awards (iemmys) and Children’s Bafta nominated.