The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Wizard's End

Listen to Moe's poem read by Namakula
Moonlight finds him beneath a tree
tattered book lies in withered grasp.
Wondering aloud to stars overhead,
his old voice a whispered rasp.
“What more is there to learn or teach?
How many secrets to unfold?
I’ve lived a thousand ages
let my story now be told.”
He speaks the language of the beasts.
His sharp vision pierces hearts.
He’s heard all the world has to say,
this sage of ancient arts.
Red comets whisper of his feats.
Bright star shine knows his name.
The Old Sorcerer is weary now,
of his cosmic fame.
Forgetting more than he knew,
his soul begs to learn no more.
Time has taken her unflinching toll.
He seeks the final door.
The sun has found him once again,
on this day he will not rise.
He walks alone in a sleeper’s dream,
for a Wizard never dies.

About the Writer

Moe Phillips

Moe is a poet, writer and filmmaker. Recipient of a Gold Clio in 2019, for her work with Disney, she has been published in over twenty anthologies for children and adults. She is a regular contributor to Bella Grace Magazine. Moe has created short films for award winning poets - Naomi Shihab Nye, Rebecca Kai Dotlich and Georgia Heard. Her latest creation is “The Feisty Beast” an audio content series she pens and produces.