The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Attie Lime

Attie writes and performs poetry for children, and owns a poetry parrot called Marjorie. Attie's first collection for children will be published by Otter-Barry Books in 2025.

Poems by Attie include:

Trying Out Holidays
Mine all Mine
A World Full of Poems
Advent Calendar
Mum Asked me to Write my Christmas List
What am I?
The Perfect Den
Wish you were Here …
Wrong Way Day
Choosing Time
What I Like
This is Not a Kids' Poem
A Bigger Bag's a Bother
My New School
My Teacher Chews Toffees That Stick His Teeth Together
Vanilla Villanelle
My Turn Next Time
A Cuddly Tongue Twister
Caution! This Poem Will Make you YAWN!
Eight Days of the Week
Big Boy Day
What the Cat Knows